ROCKSTAR COWGIRL® is your destination for hand-crafted jewelry, bespoke custom pieces, and the finest premium beads. 

I grew up in Connecticut where I taught fourth grade inner city in a place called Father Panik Village.

As rewarding as teaching was, I had always dreamed of owning a horse and living out West.

After taking some jewelry courses for fun at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, I decided that I would move west and open a bead shop. And that’s where it began in Cody, Wyoming in 2007...

Turquoise is our passion

After seventeen years of professionally designing beaded jewelry and selling gems, turquoise has always been the gemstone I love best. I’m fortunate enough to work with the finest in the industry.

  • Exclusive miner in Mexico who mines, cut, stabilizes and strings specially for ROCKSTAR COWGIRL®
  • Turquoise from my friends the Colbaugh family, owners of Kingman Arizona’s Kingman Mine
  • Large vintage collection of turquoise beads from Nevada's highly collectible Number 8 Mine that closed in 1976
  • My great turquoise teacher, Douglas Magnus (owner of the Tiffany Cerillos Mine in Santa Fe, NM) is a family friend. He has helped me understand the true value of this special stone
Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from ROCKSTAR COWGIRL


  • We source the finest collection of turquoise, beads, and gemstones from around the world
  • Our designers specialize in advanced techniques such as silk knotting, wire wrapping, and custom design
  • We share our passion by offering private classes in basic bead-stringing and advanced jewelry design

Wares of Childhood

I’ve had a love for beads since I was a child. My first jewelry show was when I was ten years old at my friend Alexa’s German School. I remember the first bracelet that I ever sold. It was a tiny seed bead bracelet with all pastel colors and gold sequin stars. A little girl bought it for $2 then returned it later because the stars were poking her arm. 

Turquoise calling

Before I’d ventured West, I’d already been passionate about turquoise. Back east, it was not readily available. I did manage to buy my first strands of Hubei turquoise beads on West 37th Street in Manhattan and design my dream necklace embellished with fuchsia Swarovski crystals that still hangs in our shop